Wilbur Curtis Cappuccino Machines
PCGT3 Cappuccino Dispensers

  • Advanced Digital System- Solid-state technology centralizes all controls on the sleek front panel for easy programming, precision performance and fewer parts for superior reliability.
  • Touchkey Control Panel- Provides a longer life than mechanical switches and a smooth surface for easy cleaning.
  • One-Touch Portion Control or Free-Flow Dispensing - PC Machines arrive factory-set to FREE-FLOWDispensing. With a simple change, you can program One-Touch Dispensing to automatically fill preset cup sizes. No button holding, waiting, errors or waste.
  • Harness Wiring System- Makes part replacements simple and easy.
  • Power Whipper/Frothing Turbines - Produces perfectly blended, deliciously whipped drinks every time.
  • Lighted Graphics- Create profitable impulse sales. Easily changed field.
  • New Digital Temperature Control- A special device senses water level to maximize efficiency and prevent accidental burnout of heating elements. When first installed, the PC system will automatically fill with water before energizing the heating elements.
  • Direct Drive Auger- Eliminates chattering, binding, hopper misalignment and erratic product dispensing for consistent drinks every time.
  • Easy-Serv Tubes- No-splash serving spouts direct customers to the proper placement of service cups.
  • Easy-Set Flavor Control - PC Digital Machines dispense a pre-set amount of powder for the ideal drink flavor. This ratio is easily adjusted - from the
  • front panel - from 10% to 100%.
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