DC Coffee Products Customer Testimonials

Jimmy's Java, Boone, NC

My wife and I opened Jimmy's Java a little over a month ago. In that time we have purchased airpots, parts and even a new Bunn double airpot brewer from John and DC Coffee Products. I have found John to be highly knowledgeable and sensitive to the needs of a startup. My only regret in working with DC Coffee Products is that we didn't find John sooner!

Clive Morel
Morel Security Systems, Encinitas, CA

I am delighted to inform you how very enjoyable I found your DC Coffee Products on-line shopping experience to be! Your site layout was extraordinary - and the product images you have provided were most helpful in making that "final" decision as to which particular model to purchase. Last (but certainly not least) -- your pricing is the best I have found on the Internet - period! I look forward to conducting future business with your fine company. Keep up the good work!

Donald Lejeune
Jennings, LA

Thanks: For being a Christian, first of all. It was really great shopping @ DC Coffee Products. It's not every day you call some one on NEW YEARS DAY and find real people, so friendly and ready to help you. Thanks again for making it so easy, for someone like me, to shop for a product (BUNN) that I have always enjoyed. Everything, from ordering to drinking my first cup of coffee, was about 5 days...so fast. Thanks so much. May GOD continue to BLESS you and yours.

Deb English
Chatham, IL

Hi again! I must say, you know how to make someone feel special. As I write this, I'm enjoying a cup of the coffee! It's been such a long time since I've been able to enjoy BLACK coffee without it bothering my esophagus, that this made your gift a double pleasure and treat. Even my husband said he will try this- he gave up coffee a while back, and we went to using an 'instant coffee' , instead of regular coffee with sugar and creamer. What is it about 'Barista' that is different, that it doesn't bother a person with reflux problem? Or do you know!?! I can sure tell you, it taste great! What I can't tell you is just how much the gift is appreciated. Many Thanks!

Ed Gross
Boynton Beach, FL

I just submitted my third order to DC Coffee Products in as many weeks. Two were for my church and one for my home. Talking to John about two of the orders was such a pleasure in this world of on-line 'talking to a machine'. This company's products are good, their prices are right and I have found friendly customer service. I would recommend them highly, Ed Gross.

Michael Persicano
The Coffee Underground, Cincinnati, OH

John...I just wanted to let you know that your service is unsurpassed. A few months ago I needed a shear disc for my grinder and you sent them to me free of charge. I told my wife that day, next time I need anything for our shop I'm ordering from John Hupp @ DC Coffee. Today she's working at our shop and told me to please finally replace that airpot that leaks. So I did, via your web site. Thanks again for all the help you've offered over the last year. Take care. Michael P.

James Ayers
Colbert, WA

Thank you for providing an excellent web site, great prices and free shipping for my first Bunn equipment purchase. Your web site is easy to navigate and very user friendly. I had questions when I was in the research phase of my purchase and John answered the phone right away and was extremely helpful and friendly. I look forward to receiving my Bunn and future purchases from DC Coffee. Thanks for great customer service.

Toni Sotelo
Bancroft Construction

"I would just like to let you that I am very disappointed in your service. I paid for priority mail service ($11.85), which was more than the price of what I ordered and it still took until 2/9/04 to receive the package you shipped on 1/29. How long would this shipment have taken if I had not requested priority mail?"

We do apologize for any inconvenience that occurs in shipping. We can have the best intentions but human errors do occur. We try to minimize those mistakes as much as possible and correct them as soon as we are made aware of a mistake.
John L. Hupp
Owner: DC Coffee Products

Walter Collins
Islamorada, FL

Just placed an order for a coffee brewer. At the beginning of the order process it said that the shipping charges would be waived. However, when I placed the order, there were shipping charges added. Will this charge be waived?

Yes sir it will- we had a glitch in the system that is now repaired. However, there are items in the data base that do include free ground shipping. These charges are waived when a commercial piece of equipment, such as a brewer, is purchased. Thank you,
John L. Hupp
DC Coffee Products

Mauro Casci

Hi. The web site indicated that the shipping charges were waived on brewer orders, yet it charged me $16.64 for shipping. Why is that? Thanks, Mauro Casci

Please see above testimonial.

T Daniels & S Albert
Springfield, IL

YUMMM!!!! We are fairly new to DC Coffee Products, but we are already hooked. Nothing compares to the white chocolate cappuccino here. We have been spoiled by it, and cannot find a better cappuccino anywhere! Keep up the great work!

Mary Ellen Degan
N. Easton, MA

Just wanted to say that it was a pleasure to speak with someone who could answer my questions regarding this product (Bunn BCG Grinder)... All I got from other companies was higher prices and people who were not educated on their products. And many delays.
Thank you,
Mary Ellen Degan

Floyd Lowe
Elizabethonton, TN

I have a problem with my Bunn Coffee Maker. I sent you an email about 10 days ago. I got no response. It is evident to me that you don't care anything about your customers. To show my appreciation for Bunn, when I buy another coffee maker IT WILL NOT BE a Bunn! Signed Floyd Lowe

Floyd - I am sorry but I did respond to that email at the time- it bounced back undeliverable. It is hard to track down why an email is undeliverable. Instead of getting upset- I have a toll free number 1-866-483-8870 so you can call me at my expense to handle problems. If you do not receive a timely response please call me chances are A. I never received it or B. it bounced back. I try to respond to all email and questions right away. I do apologize for any inconvenience with the email systems.
John L. Hupp
DC Coffee Products

Ron Liebman
Sun City Vending, North Miami, FL

I have been ordering from John for months now, at least 2-3 times weekly, I always get fast and accurate service. He ensures I get the best price with the fastest service in the upper 48. I will be ordering from DC Coffee no matter who comes along offering better service. John is the man.

Barb & Rich Jay

You don't know me by name but we are the couple that came to your place to buy parts for our home Bunn coffee maker not realizing those could not be bought over the counter anymore. We could not believe that you took your valuable time to actually tell what you thought the problem was and how to fix it. I went home and looked for that problem and discovered that was what it was and replaced the 'problem' gasket and now it works like a new one! Today not too many people would have done what you did. This note is just to say THANK YOU!

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