Newco Iced Tea Brewers

NKT3NS1, 705920, 3 gallon quick brew, use 3 gallon stainle
NKT3NS1, 705920, 3 gallon quick brew, use 3 gallon stainless steel dispenser, PDS valve included
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  • Digital Electronics allows brewing up to 3 independent beverage volumes, with the ability to enhance the taste profile of the beverage by adjusting the brewing temperature and the water contact time with or without water bypassing.
  • Simplex programming, with TVT technology, all you need to know is: How Much Total Volume, How Much Tea Concentrate, How Long to Brew-and you have programmed your recipe.
  • Brewer incorporates patented base design which allows for height adjustability.
  • Auto Arm - System will not brew until the water reaches the correct brewing temperature.
  • Vis A Brew - Brewing alert System is adjustable from 3 independent times to match the brewing process you select.
  • Stainless Steel construction with back up pour over feature.
  • Dual Voltage 120/240 Brew Capacities: 30 Ounces up to 5 Gallons 3 independent brew buttons can be customized with product labels for ease of brewing.
  • Patent Pending. UL listed. NSF approved.
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