Newco NK Coffee Brewers

NKPPAF, 705118, airpot brewer, 0 lower 0 upper warmer, pla
NKPPAF, 705118, airpot brewer, 0 lower 0 upper warmer, plastic brew funnel, stainless decor, hot water faucet, back up pour over feature
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  • STYLE: Automatic.
  • BREW OPERATIONS: Analog / Digital timer.
  • HEATING SYSTEM: Tank Reservoir.
  • WATER DELIVERY: Displacement.
  • TANK SYSTEM: Closed.
  • VOLTAGE: 120V or 120V/240V Only.
  • CABINET: Semi-Modular.
  • FLOW REGULATION: Flow Washer.
  • FAUCET: Coil / Pressurized.
  • Low Profile Design: Allows unit to be easily placed with out modifications to locations. Fits under low cabinet construction.
  • Ready Light: Provides visual notification to user as to when brewer is at optimum temperature in which to brew.
  • Back-up pour-over: Allows the account to continue to have fresh brewed coffee even if an interruption in the automation of the machine or water line should occur.
  • Detachable Base: Detachable base allow thermal models to be converted to brew into a variety of thermal bases.
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