Newco IA Coffee Brewers

IAAP, intellibrew series, hot water faucet
IAAP, intellibrew series, hot water faucet, energy saving features, can use 1.9 liter handy pot or airpots, stainless decor, plastic brew funnel
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  • AUTO-ARM: Pre-checks water temperature before brewing to ensure optimum brew temperature.
  • VISA-BREW: Flashing safety light brewing lamp alerts user that brew cycle is in process and to precede with caution.
  • PULSE BREWING: Pulses your chosen water volume onto the coffee bed for ultimate taste profile accuracy.
  • HEATER OVER-RIDE: Thermostat turns heating elements on the same moment a brew cycle is initiated, providing better brewing tempertures and reduced recovery time.
  • ENERGY SAVINGS: Conserves energy when brewer is not in use.
  • POWER SAVE/POWER DOWN: Reduces the number of times the brewer cycles which prolongs life of componets.
  • HALF/FULL POT: Provides the ability to brew half batch for flavored and gourmet coffees..
  • PDS: Flow control that’s positively reliable and reduces brewer fill noise. The Positive Displacement System (PDS) is a flow control that is accurate over a wide range of water pressures while maintaining it’s volume setting for many years in the harsh water environment that brewing equipment must operate.
  • Automatic (IA series) Coffee Brewers

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