Newco ACE Coffee Brewers

ACEAP, airpot brewer, stainless decor
ACEAP, airpot brewer, stainless decor, hot water faucet, plastic brew funnel, automatic-hooked to a water line
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  • Ready light indicates optimum brew temperature.
  • Flashing brew light alerts user that coffee is brewing.
  • Universal base for perfect dispenser alignment.
  • Gravity fed hot water faucet for tea, soups and hot coco.
  • Tank “ON/OFF” switch for easy installation.
  • Pulse brewing option - when turned “on” allows pulsation of water over coffee grounds of coffee.
  • Auto arm capable. When activated locks out brew cycle until optimum temperature is achieved.
  • PDS Valve. The most accurate flow control on the market, eliminating service calls due to inconsistent pot levels.
  • Automatic (ACE series) Coffee Brewers

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