Joe Jobbed

If you have received an unsolicited/spam email that appeared to have come from, we promise you that it did not originate from us. DC Coffee Products does not engage in spamming and we take an active role in the fight against those who do.

We have been the victim of a 'Joe Job' attack. If you received one of these emails you have become another victim in the war against spam.

'Joe Job' is a spamming technique that sends out unsolicited emails which have been spoofed to appear as if they came from somebody else. The spammer is then able to send spam without taking any of the responsibility for their actions, causing fallout for their victim instead. Some unethical companies sometime engage in these tactics in an attempt to defame their competitors.

Whatever the reason, we're sure you will agree that it needs to stop. This is why we are actively investigating this attack to find out where they are coming from so we can take action against the culprit.

We need your help

In order to be able to trace these emails back to their original source, we need some information from you. If you have received one of these spam messages it can provide the information needed to trace the actual sender.

The simplest way to help us to trace the culprit is to forward the email to

Alternatively you could copy & paste the email, including the full headers into a new email. The information contained in the full headers is essential for us to be able to trace the message back to its source.

  • Open the offending email and make sure that the full headers are being displayed. The method for displaying full headers varies depending on which application you are using. Click here for instructions if you are unsure how to display the full message headers. Do not open any attachments or click on any links in the email.
  • Copy everything, including the full headers and the body of the email, and paste it into an email to

Thank you for helping us put a stop to this attack.

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