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Fetco TBS-2121XTS Twin 3.5 Gallon Tea Brewer
Fetco TBS-2121XTS twin 3.5 gallon tea brewer, brews iced tea or iced coffee into 3.5 gallon ITD-2135 dispensers (sold separately), brews hot tea or coffee into airpots or thermal dispensers with optional conversion kit, user friendly touch screen interface, 120 volt, 14 amp, 1.68 kW heater
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  • Twin 3.5 gallon size meets the volume demands of medium to large scale operations
  • User-friendly touchscreen with intuitive icons for easy programming and retirval of dynamic time and volume data with instant visual feedback
  • Program up to 9 recipes
  • Versatile - can brew iced tea, hot tea, hot coffee and iced coffee
  • TBS-2121XTS Touchscreen Twin 3.5 Gallon Iced Tea Brewers

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