Fetco Extractor Touchscreen coffee brewers
CBS-2132XTS 3 liter / 1 gallon dual station airpot or thermal dispenser coffee makers

Fetco CBS-2132-XTS twin coffee brewer, plastic brew baskets, 2.3kW heaters
Fetco CBS-2132-XTS twin coffee brewer, brews into 3 liter / 1 gallon airpots or thermal dispensers, Cascading Spray Dome, Extractor brew cycle control, user friendly touch screen interface, plastic brew baskets, 2 x 2.3kW tank heaters, 200-240V, 16.5-19.7A, airpots and thermal dispensers sold separately
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  • Dual 3 Liter / 1 Gallon Airpot or Thermal Dispenser Coffee Brewer
  • Total control of brewing system via simple, intuitive touchscreen
  • Fully automatic brewer plumbed to water line
  • Cascading Spray Dome virtually eliminates spray head lime buildup
  • Four batch sizes / brew profiles per side
  • Adjust brew volume, prewetting, pulse brewing, low temp - no brew and drip delay
  • Save and import settings using SD card
  • Airpots and Thermal Dispensers sold separately
  • Plastic Brew Basket

    Stainless Steel Brew Basket

    Airpots and Thermal Dispensers



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