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VGHDA, Venezia Espresso Grinder, automatic timer,
VGHDA, Venezia Espresso Grinder, heavy duty, automatic timer, 0_8 lbs ground espresso container capacity, adjustable dose
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  • VG-T Time Switch Espresso Grinder - For the savvy espresso operator, the Time Switch model offers the operator control over the grinding process. With a maximum grinding time of 1 minute, simply turn the mechanical timer in intervals of seconds to properly grind the anticipated amount of espresso beans. VG-A Automatic Espresso Grinder - For easy grinding that requires little to no effort, the Automatic Espresso Grinder always keeps the doser chute filled with espresso grinds, ready for dispensing. With an automatic start every 12 doses, the grinder stops when the chute is full.VG-HD-A Heavy Duty Automatic Espresso Grinder - For locations where you’re consistently serving Espresso or Cappuccino style beverages, this heavy duty piece of equipment grinds more espresso in less time than the rest. Perfect for coffee bars.   Features:Micro "Grind Control" Adjustment - An exclusive adjustment system that gives the operator infinite control over grind settings. No more preset “clicks” for grind settings.Cast Aluminum Frame - Insures perfect grind head alignmentPrecision Machine BurrsStroke Counter - Comes standard to indicate how many cups of espresso have been served. Container Capacity: 2.7 lbs.       Dose Adjustment: 5.5 - 9 g.
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