Cecilware Airpot Coffee Brewers
See Grindmaster Airpot Brewers

  • Touch Pad Control Technology with LCD.
  • User Friendly Walk Thru Menus.
  • Custom Key Lock Control - Prevents unauthorized tampering with the brew cycle.
  • Water Temperature - “IT” allows you to set the water temperature to the precise degree.
  • Low Temperature Lockout - Prevents brewing coffee if the water tank temperature falls below the specified brewing temperature.
  • Set Brew Size - Gives precise brew control by volume.
  • Dispense Total - Keeps track of the total brew cycles within a specified eriod of time
  • Freshness Control - Set the system once and an audio and visual response will remind you to brew a fresh pot.
  • Heat Reduction Warmers - Ensures that brewed coffee will almost never become too hot or burn.
  • Pre-Infusion - Pulse Brewing - Bypass
  • Sleep Mode - Automatically starts when the brewer has not been used for four hours.
  • Programmable Timer with Battery Backup - Turns the brewer on and off at any prespecified time.
  • Airpot Coffee Brewers


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