Bunn Coffee Urns - U3 and SRU Brewers

20500_0001 U3 twin 3 gallon urn
20500.0001 U3 twin 3 gallon urn, full or half batch, single service, stainless decor, 120/240v/30amp
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  • Bunn Coffee Urns - U3 and SRU Brewers
  • Brews 18.1 to 20.9 gallons of perfect coffee per hour.
  • Unique design assures extremely low evaporation loss to maintain the brew at its flavorful peak.
  • Large water tank-over 20 gallons.
  • Draw hot water during brewing cycle without affecting coffee quality.
  • Half batch option.
  • Top mounted components for ease of service.
  • 120/240 is a 4 wire 240 volt circuit.
  • All stainless steel construction.
  • International electrical configurations available.
  • Coffee Urns

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