Bloomfield Airpot Coffee Brewers and Airpots

1088 AF,  EBC Electronic Airpot Brewer
1088 AF, EBC Electronic Airpot Brewer, pour over option, faucet, 3500 watt, 120/240 volt 3 wire plus ground, no cord
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Precise brewing temperature is established and maintained throughout the brew cycle, providing cold brew lockout and ensuring full flavored coffee and faster brewer recovery.

Countdown Quality Timer™ will signal the end of preset coffee holding time.

After Hours™ Mode will automatically reduce water temperature when not in use, saving energy and increasing component life.

Brew cycle timer eliminates the risk of double brewing during brew cycle.

A high level of commonality of parts with other Bloomfield models will significantly reduce the inventory of spare parts required to service many body styles.

Airpot Coffee Brewers

Airpot Coffee Brewers

Dual Airpot Coffee Brewers

Airpots, Thermal Carafes and Thermal Servers

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