Trade Fixtures Coffee Bins

06100MBS gravity feed bins, 6 in wide x 24 in tall
06100MBS gravity feed bins, 6 in wide x 24 in tall x 11 in deep, holds 5 gallons, holds up to 30 pounds of product
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  • Of Polycarbonate - 35 times stronger then acrylic
  • UV protection reduces oxidation of oils - maintains the integrity
  • safe - up to 130° Fahrenheit
  • Corners - residue does not build up in corners
  • to clean - mild detergent and hot water

    • (First In, First Out) stock rotation ensures freshness

    • Tamper resistant design and tight lid seal

  • • Virtually unbreakable polycarbonate construction

    • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe up to 130ºF.

    • Perfect for any “Free-Flowing” products

    • Multi-setting flow control reduces food waste, and spillage

    • Glare free label holder for food product and pricing information

    • Easy to install and secure to your shelving

    • Retaining button, or strip for securing bins to shelving

  • Trade Fixtures Coffee Bins
    4 inch wide bins

    Trade Fixtures Coffee Bins
    6 inch wide bins

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    8 inch

    Trade Fixture Scoop Bins
    12 inch

    Newleaf Design Gravity Bins

    New Leaf Scoop Bins
    Scoops and Tongs sold separately

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